paperscreen was a collaboratively-produced artwork created over two days at the Art and Social Activism Festival (October 2019, NYC), organized by Nicholas Cohn Art Projects. Rather than contribute a finished work to the Festival, Rooney chose to open up the process to the public as a call for transparency and individual participation in this political moment. The act of pulpifying and then re-constructing these newspapers into new paper forms also served as a mode for participants to process recent histories and current events, while reimagining them with their own hands. 


(Un)Forming Paper

(Un)Forming Paper was a four-month course taught by Julia Rooney at the Stanley M. Isaacs Neighborhood Center as part of LMCC's (Lower Manhattan Cultural Center's) SU-CASA residency. Through weekly workshops, participants explored the endlessly versatile world of paper, learning first how to make paper from pulp, and then building up to projects that used paper as a substrate and/or building material.



REMAP was a community project designed and led by Anna Adler, Corinne Cappelletti and Julia Rooney. It aimed to trace the often invisible journeys and stories of transient populations in New York City through visual art, movement, mindfulness and cooking. REMAP embraced the idea that mapping one's resources and location in and through a place, city and/or landscape can be an empowering act, generating a deeper sense of belonging and home.


The Recipe Box

The Recipe Box was a community-based project organized by Julia Rooney in 2015 as part of the Engaging Artists residency. Rooney set up a communal box for women living at a Brooklyn shelter to submit recipes they wanted to teach each other, to cook and to consume.

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