Conversation (Nov. 9, 2017 - Dec. 4- 2017)

Maya Strauss and Julia Rooney

Mixed media


Dimensions variable

Threshold (front side and back side)

Maya Strauss and Julia Rooney


120" x 48"

Together, we constructed a double-sided door work consisting of a grid of Maya's ceramics on one side and a textile screen of Julia's on the other. The visibility of the ceramics through the translucent screen changes with light conditions, as the spandex fabric becomes more or less opaque depending on whether it's backlit.

In 2017 from November 9 to December 4, we (Maya and Julia) exchanged handwritten and hand-drawn letters everyday. What began as a form of brainstorming for a collaborative project set to be shown on December 5, became a collaborative form in its own right. Instead of realizing a new work by our deadline, we performed a reading of our letters. Editing the text down to a 15-minute conversation, we created a sandwich of Maya’s yellow pages and Julia’s mixed-media ones.

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