A Conversation between Julia Rooney and Maya Strauss, hosted by Jacob Todd Broussard

Fall 2020 (upcoming)

Under quarantine during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Julia Rooney and Maya Strauss continued their ongoing collaboration at a distance: handwriting letters and emailing images to each other. In September, they reflected on their correspondence with Jacob Todd Broussard, artist and founder of Tintamarre, a podcast of conversations focusing on creative processes of artists operating in an ever-changing contemporary art world. These conversations are interested in the ethos, functions, and variations of sustaining a creative life.

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paper paper:

a project by visual artist Julia Rooney


Produced by John Alexander of Crook & Nanny Productions, this trailer introduces Rooney's ongoing project, paper paper. Footage includes installation of the exhibition at Kopeikin Gallery (Spring 2019) and conversation with John Walsh, former Director of the Getty Museum; and a public papermaking workshop held at the Art & Social Activism Festival (Fall 2019) organized by Nicholas Cohn.


This project is ongoing; media will be updated in the coming year when public workshops can resume. 

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A Panel Discussion with Legacy Specialists

December 4, 2018

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

This panel discussion featured artist-archivists Antonia Perez, Julia Rooney, and Rose Nestler in conversation with Metropolitan Museum of Art Sculpture Conservator Kendra Roth. The program explored each artist’s own work, and how the artist’s voice can play a role in shaping their legacy.

This event was part of the fourth season of the ongoing CALL/VoCA Talks series, hosted in partnership with the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) Program. These programs aim to highlight the innovative CALL initiative while also underscoring the crucial need for dialogue with artists around the production, presentation, and preservation of their work.


REMAP: A Community Project by Anna Adler, Corinne Cappelletti and Julia Rooney 

December 6, 2015

Open Session & Workshop at Jefferson Market Library, New York, NY

REMAP was a collaborative project involving meditation, recipe sharing, and map-making with homeless and formerly homeless community groups. Facilitated by artists Anna Adler, Julia Rooney, and Corinne Cappelletti, alumni of the 2014 Engaging Artist Residency and funded by a seed grant from More Art, REMAP consisted of workshops held July through December 2015. REMAP aimed to trace the often invisible journeys and stories of transient populations in NYC through visual art, movement, and cooking. The goal was to generate a creative dialogue and exchange between the homeless and the homed through the process of mapping. 

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