"The scale and imperfect edges of Julia Rooney’s paintings at Arts+Leisure are remarkable. Affixed to the window, a handmade, colorfully agitating QR code on a two by two-foot square canvas welcomes the viewer into the gallery..."


Updated: Feb 16

Art historian Samuel Shapiro sits down with abstract painters Alteronce Gumby and Julia Rooney to discuss the past and present of pictorial abstraction in connection with Zeit Contemporary Art's online viewing room Painting Abstraction: 197X - Today.

Updated: Feb 11

Artists Julia Rooney and Sara Stern engage in a conversation about Rooney's solo exhibition, @SomeHighTide, currently on view at Arts+Leisure Gallery. Continuing their tradition of interviewing each other, the two will discuss the medium of painting and its many lives; artistic research and source material; installation; and the pervasive influence of social media. A Q&A will follow.

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