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The Mueller Report Index is a collaboration between indexer Peter Rooney and visual artist Julia Rooney. The Index, authored by Peter, is available on the website, designed and created by Julia. We offer these materials freely to the general public with the hopes that they will aid in the reading and study of The Mueller Report (Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election). Our goal is to make this important document more readable and accessible to the general public through the use of this Index. 


If you have found these materials useful, and/or would like to support this project, please DONATE!

In addition to supporting the work already done, donations will assist in future endeavors, including: 

  • Continued maintenance of the website,

  • Expansion of the Index if/when redactions in The Report are lifted

  • Creation of print versions of the Index, including a pocket-sized booklet/zine

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