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JAMPFR is a folio of 45 unbound pages, wrapped in a textile cover. The pages consist of digital prints and handwritten text on opaque and translucent paper, each 12.75" x 18", the size of the flatbed scanner from which the digital images were made. The images are life-size scans of objects sent through the USPS between The Rooney Sisters from 2016-18 between the zip codes 21201 and 06511.


Poet Anne Marie Rooney and painter Julia Rooney collaborate at a distance, most often by sending objects, texts and images through the mail and working on them asynchronously.

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Painters Maya Strauss and Julia Rooney began collaborating in 2017 while students at the Yale School of Art. Their collaboration began through letter-writing and has grown into various site-specific installations. 

 Mermaid Room was produced in summer 2019 during a mini-residency at Meeting House (Troy, NY), organized by artists Anita Trombetta and Claudia Santiso. It consists of found and made objects that Rooney and Strauss installed in a former church library.